Face-to-Face Psychotherapy & Counselling

"The therapy has changed my life. I no longer feel depressed and my self confidence has improved a lot. I have learned to be kind to myself and to look after myself. I feel I can get on with my life". J.K - Former Client

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

Individual psychotherapy and counselling is where you and I would work collaboratively in weekly sessions to get to the heart of what's troubling you and work through your difficulties.  My aim is to provide a warm, down-to-earth and safe environment where you can express what's concerning you.  I offer both short-term and long-term sessions to suit your needs. I have also historically offered group therapies.

Sessions with a language or BSL Interpreter
I have experience and have received training in the delivery of psychotherapy and counselling for clients who require either a British Sign Language or  mother tongue language interpreter. The interpreter will need to attend a preliminary meeting with me prior to the three of us meeting all together for your assessment. This is so your interpreter and I can agree how we will be working together to be of optimal benefit to you in the therapy sessions.

Once you have decided on an interpreter, during the preliminary meeting they will need to demonstrate that they hold:
  • relevant professional qualifications
  • an up-to-date DBS check, and
  • current professional registration. 
I am unfortunately unable to agree to work with an interpreter who is unable to meet this criteria. This is in order to maintain your safety and well being. Please note that clients who require an interpreting/translating service will be responsible for sourcing their own interpreter and are required to pay the full costs associated with this to both therapist and interpreter. Should you decide you would like weekly sessions with me, the interpreter would need to attend a 20 minute debrief session with me after each of your 50 minute therapy sessions following your departure. This is common for best practice and is in order to discuss the practical aspects of our work. The session fee is £70 per session.
There are a number of organisations available online which you may prefer to use however, if you wish to identify a BSL interpreter, you may wish to visit The National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People by clicking here. Alternately, you may also wish to visit the National Register of Public Service Interpreters to find a language interpreter by clicking here.

I offer individual and group therapy from peaceful, pleasant and confidential therapy rooms in Highbury as well as Holloway, North London.
To have a discussion about your circumstances or to book an appointment at Islington counselling please email by clicking here.
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