Anger Counselling

Anger is a 'normal' emotion  that we all experience at times. Angry feelings in themselves are neither bad nor good.

There are certain circumstances where anger will be a reasonable response and justified however, if you notice yourself experiencing anger often, or anger feels overwhelming or outside of your control, it can have a begin to have a detrimental impact not only on your physical and emotional health and well-being. Continued anger problems can also have a negative impact or place strain on relationships with others too.

Anger can result in a number of physical and emotional signs such as:

  • Increased/high blood pressure
  • Tension/clenching
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased rate of breathing
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Agitation
  • Depression/low mood
  • Negative thinking styles such as over-generalising, labelling, or should-ing and must-ing
  • Substance misuse/eating problems

To help you to consider whether you have issues with anger it may be helpful to consider some of the following questions:
  • Do you notice yourself being quick tempered or prone to explosive anger?
  • Have you harmed yourself or others out of anger?
  • Do you notice yourself behaving impulsively or rashly?
  • Do you notice yourself 'seeing red'?
  • Have you damaged property or possessions out of anger?
  • Do you notice yourself experiencing  feelings of rage?
  • Have you found yourself in physical/near physical confrontations?
  • Do you experience anger or rage whilst driving?
  • Do you raise your voice in anger?
  • Do you find your feelings difficult to contain?
  • Do others around you behave or express fear and concern about your behaviour?
  • Do you feel guilty, embarrassed or self-hatred after an angry outburst?
If you can answer yes to a a number of the above questions, and feel that you are struggling with managing and expressing anger in a healthy way, then perhaps psychotherapy and counselling could help you to overcome your difficulties.

* Please note, I do not offer support to perpetrators of domestic or sexual abuse. If you are concerned about your behaviour towards
  others and would like to access support please click here for more information.

If you'd like to find out more about anger counselling or would like to make an appointment for an assessment call today on 07714 028837.

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