I started seeing Belinda to deal with my relationship with my abusive father.  I found Belinda to be very warm, thoughtful, professional and helpful.  She helped me navigate my way through may difficult memories and experiences and equipped me many valuable skills to help me deal with triggering events in my daily life.  Belinda has truly been an incredible source of comfort, support and strength to me over the past couple of years and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to start counselling.
- JB, London


I started to see Belinda as I was at a place in my life where I felt constantly sad and frustrated but I was unsure how to get myself out of feeling this way and this was impacting my relationships as I was being short tempered. 

I found my experience with Belinda amazing, I was  wary about getting therapy as I did not want to sit and tell someone my problems and not have someone responding or making me feel uncomfortable and Belinda offered the complete opposite. During our sessions it was always a two way dialogue and Belinda would really help me figure out how to deal with my issues in a way which felt comfortable and like I was normal. 

I’ve learnt so much from therapy in regards to how to take a breath and think before I speak or act, she’s taught me how to let go of all control on my life as this was an issue which was fuelling my anxiety. Most of all Belinda helped me to confront my father about my dissatisfaction with our relationship which I had never planned or even thought possible to do and this has made the largest impact to my life and overall happiness. Before I came to see her I felt tense and stressed and now it’s like a weight has been lifted and I am much happier and life doesn’t seem so scary anymore. 

I would highly recommend Belinda as I never thought I would ever feel so content and confident in myself in all of my life and I do credit this to her. 

S.K London 


"I contacted Belinda due to worsening bouts of anxiety in enclosed spaces/crowded spaces which I couldn't explain. I had not
​previously suffered with anxiety or depression so found it very confusing.

I struggle to talk openly about my thoughts and feelings, but Belinda made it incredibly easy to do so, and was very astute in her assessments and recommendations. We talked about thinking styles and self-care and I found my anxiety attacks improved very quickly. Belinda helped me to understand myself and my thinking styles much better, gave me suggestions for techniques to try and gave me a safe space to express my thoughts and concerns.

I would really recommend Belinda, especially if you are someone like me who is new to therapy or finds it difficult to talk openly".   Shoba



"I have suffered with long bouts of anxiety for a number of years that had increasingly become overwhelming and had been affecting my everyday life. They were often linked to health, but could equally stem from work or life generally.

Over the last few months Belinda has helped me regain control over my thinking patterns and changed my state of mind by teaching me the tools to stop and prevent irrational anxieties and stresses before they are able cause me severe distress. 
My time with Belinda has been invaluable and I feel liberated from a style of thinking which has disrupted much of my adult life. For a long time I was very aware and grateful for the 'good days' in between long periods of feeling generally upset and distressed, these days are no longer the exception but the norm. 
Thank you again Belinda!"


"I think the biggest benefit to me of the last few months is discovering that I didn’t really look after myself.  Understanding self care has enabled me to broaden my horizons and really help to understand myself better, my work / life balance has definitely improved". DF



"Before I began therapy with Belinda, I struggled with feelings of anxiety that I did not really understand and that had begun to take over my life. I experienced a very low period emotionally and suffered with depression and felt unable to cope and improve my situation.

I was initially unsure about the therapy process and was nervous starting, but Belinda made me feel comfortable and supported me when I began my sessions. Belinda helped me to understand and manage my anxiety, giving me insight into my negative feelings and supporting me so that they no longer dominated my life. She helped me to explore the causes of my anxiety and low mood, and to identify and challenge my negative thinking in order to overcome it. Therapy with Belinda provided me with invaluable strategies which empowered me to challenge my thoughts of anxiety and low self-esteem, and helped me towards self-acceptance.

As a result, my confidence has improved greatly and I feel as though my negative thoughts and feelings no longer stand in the way of my life, goals and relationships. My time with Belinda has helped improve my self-image, and both myself and my friends and family have noticed a real improvement in my mood and confidence.

I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me, our sessions helped me through a difficult time, I have come a long way and I am delighted with how much happier I feel as a result of our work!" Z.H 


"I was traumatised in my childhood and before I started the therapy with Belinda I never dealt with it. I kept myself very busy in order to avoid to be confronted with how I really felt. At one point I was so exhausted that I needed a break from my activities and then it became apparent that I was feeling depressed, suffered from low self esteem and that I felt very uncomfortable with myself and others.
The therapy was very challenging. I needed to look at the causes of my problems and it was often painful and difficult to speak about what happened to me when I was a child. Belinda was always very kind, she never doubted what I said and I always felt that I could trust her. She was there for me when I needed her and she cared for me. I felt she had the experience and the professional skills I needed for dealing with my problems.   

During my therapy I have learned that whatever happened to me in the past was not my fault. The therapy has changed my life. I no longer feel depressed and my self confidence has improved a lot. I have learned to be kind to myself and to look after myself. I feel I can get one with my life". J.K 



" I felt anxious and overwhelmed and just felt like I needed someone to listen and help me understand my feelings more clearly. I felt like it was going to be hard to open up but it really wasn't, I felt very safe and able to speak freely. Therapy got me thinking in a way that I had never considered before. It made me feel reassured and capable to take on the challenges that I was dealing with. I felt more confident and open minded about how to deal with issues and other people. It opened my eyes". E.B 


"I came to Belinda 3 years ago with many issues that were making my life difficult. These included low self-esteem; problems with not being aware of my needs/self-awareness, likes/dislikes; boundary settings with others, especially family members, and; people pleasing.  Overall a lack of my own identity and a co-dependent lifestyle which left my own life in turmoil at times.  ALSO TOO HIGH EXPECTATIONS OF MYSELF, thinking that I needed to be perfect at everything and a ‘super’ mum, ‘super’ wife, ‘super’ everything, with setting myself impossible tasks. I was also suffering from PTSD regarding past events and had problems recognising my emotions, depression, and was unable to deal with emotions without overeating and other negative behaviours, which exacerbated my depression as issues were not being properly dealt with. There were issues from childhood that needed to be addressed.
Belinda always made sure I was in a safe confidential environment when the sessions started. When we discussed different behaviour possibilities, Belinda transformed my total fears regarding asserting myself and dealing with confrontation into absolute excitement about such changes and I found myself learning how to use the word 'No' !!!! in an appropriate manner. She would say in a warm, reassuring, bright and exciting tone ' I wonder what it would be like if you were to ........ ' . She helped me to believe in myself, my instincts and my needs. 

So, this is the new me:

​1. I love myself now and I can be myself in-front of others and not change my behaviour depending on the company!  2. I respect myself and take care of myself;  3. I can communicate my needs to others in a positive way, in an assertive way, not in a passive-aggressive way with difficult family members! 4. I no longer people-please. If I can't do something, or I need to cancel things I have overbooked, or I don't want to do something, I can say 'no' and if the other person is not happy, I am not responsible for their feelings, they own them, not me! 5. I can't change the world and I can walk away from people that upset me 6. I have learnt to stand up to my Dad who I have always been afraid of since childhood 7. I am happy and I now know about boundaries, how to make my life happy and to chill out and do the things I enjoy. 
My journey with Belinda has been amazing and Belinda is a brilliant counsellor who does not miss a thing!   I changed so much even after a few sessions and I feel as if I have undergone a metamorphosis and I am as free as a butterfly now! 
I will be in touch with Belinda again should other issues arise / any difficult emotional events in my life and I would recommend her 200%. I will NEVER forget Belinda's warm, kind, caring, exciting, positive and fun counselling at times when a sense of humour goes a long way, and I felt I could tell her ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING".  Jackie from London


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