Partners Of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Whether you have experienced the sexual abuse yourself or not, knowing or discovering your partner has experienced child-hood sexual abuse can bring up all kinds of difficult feelings, however, being in a relationship with a survivor means that you may well also be living with the deeply painful impact of abuse.

Sexual abuse is often a challenging subject in todays society meaning that it can be difficult to take the step of seeking support, or to even know who to talk to or where to find confidential and sensitive support.

It may be possible to put your own needs on hold in the short term, but it can be difficult to feel you are both offering the right support to your partner whilst receiving adequate support for yourself or taking care of yourself in the long term.

Perhaps you want to access support, but feel you are betraying your partner by discussing your difficulties outside of your relationship. You may also feel concerned about the future of your relationship. These are very normal and common feelings that partners of survivors face.

Although each relationship will have a unique set of difficulties, partners of survivors will understandably experience a wide range of  complex emotions including feelings of confusion, shame, guilt, anger, pain or depression.

I offer counselling support to partners of survivors, offering a safe, confidential space for you to increase your awareness of self and others, improving your relationships with yourself, your partner and other people in different areas of your life. I believe that it is essential to offer an atmosphere of confidentiality, sensitivity and non-judgement.

I offer counselling for partners of survivors from peaceful counselling rooms in Holloway and Highbury & Islingotn in North London.

If you would like to have a discussion about your situation, or to book an appointment with me please call 07714 028837. Or, to request a call back please click Contact Form

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